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Youda Survivor out today for the Nook


If you have been feeling like there is a severe lack of frenzied farming and a time management void in your life, boy does G5 have just the game for you.  Youda Survivor is out today on the Nook to suppress all of your digital agricultural needs.  Scenario, you are shipwrecked, you got to survive the elements, wild animals are an issue, and on top of that – pirates.  This is Youda Survivors.

As the player, you will have to survive over everything else.  This includes completing numerous tasks and quests over 80 different levels.  Will you win over the hearts of the indigenous people on the Island?  Can you farm enough?  Will you survive the pirates?  I don’t know!  The action is hectic and there will always be goals for you to complete.

While Youda Survivors will start with few simple tasks, in no time will more advanced challenges arise.  Soon you’ll be learning weather controlling rituals, using special machines to advance yourself in quests, deep sea dive for food, and let’s not forget fighting off waves of pirates.  Pull out your Nook and see if you can survive any situation.

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