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You Could Be in the Next US Catherine Trailer


Atlus USA is gearing up to promote the US release of Catherine on PS3 and 360 this summer, and they're taking a rather interesting approach. If you've seen the Japanese Catherine trailer that features couples discussing relationship issues, then this is basically the same idea. Atlus is looking for you to submit a video to them answering the following questions:

Do you ever want to get married? If so, to the person you’re with now? If not, why?

This might not be as bad as the contest where Acclaim asked people to name their baby Turok for $10,000, but it could still get you in a good deal of trouble. I can't imagine anyone would want to find out via an ad for a video game that they've been written off by their significant other. It does go well with the concept of the game, though.

Catherine is all about infidelity (at least from what I've gathered), so this video competition is probably the most direct way the developers could tackle the issue. Atlus USA says Catherine has been getting a lot of attention lately for its sexuality and nightmarish visuals, but that that's not what the game is all about. “Heavy themes handled with maturity. Going places where games haven't gone before in terms of love and relationships,” says Atlus.

If you'd like the chance to star in the trailer and potentially lose any chances you have with your partner, make a submission by April 22. I have a feeling this is going to end up being someone's best/worst break-up story ever.

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