You will never be this unlucky in Mario Kart 8

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It’s no grand secret that a significant portion of Mario Kart races are won by rolling lucky items in the final lap. Conversely, many first-place racers are dragged down to the annals of last place in a split-second, besieged by the all-powerful Blue Shell (although that Super Horn does help with that).

Mario Kart 8 furthers the luck-influenced gameplay that the series is known, loved and hated for, and can lead to some infuriating situations. A game of local co-op on the couch with some friends can quickly turn into an all-out brawl with but a well-placed shell or Bullet Bill, but at the very least we can all take solace in the fact that we will never, ever get destroyed this badly: 


[via Kotaku]

Austin Wood
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