You’ve never seen Pokemon like these gorgeous fan-drawn fusions

Each new installment in the mammoth Pokémon franchise aims to shake up the age-old formula, often simply by adding a few new areas and Pokémon to the mix but occasionally with new mechanics and evolution classes. Artist Josephine (aka Tumblr user Syntheticimagination and Deviantartist cat-meff) may have drawn up the next innovation: Pokémon fusion.

Here you can see a number of Pokémon mix-ups, many of which were requested by Synethetic’s followers. From Legendary combinations like Kyogre-meets-Articuno to the more humble Goldeen hybrid, the pieces are enough to get any fan of the franchise drooling.

So how about it, Nintendo? Pokéfusion confirmed? Coming 2016? Hmm? 

To see more of Josephine's work—like these element-swapped Pokémon starters—be sure to check out her Deviantart and Tumblr pages. Fabulous stuff. 

Austin Wood
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