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You, too, can own Death's signature weapon, the Soul Reaper


Still upset about the fact that no studio wanted to purchase the Darksiders IP? You can channel all that anger into your wallet, and then onto this full-scale replica of Death's signature weapon, the Soul Reaper.


Death’s Scythes, honed sharp by eons of judgment, reaping the souls of the dying and the damned for ages past. Borne to creation for the grim motive of keeping the balance of life with the cold and final resolution of death. The origin of the Soul Reapers is shrouded in mystery and darkness, granted to whom would serve the Reaper’s dark purpose.

The scythe measures 48"H x 5"W x 70"L, weighs 46lbs and is limited to only 500 pieces! You can pre-order the Soul Reaper for $225, though the final price of the weapon will come out to $900. It is currently slated to come out in Q2 of 2013

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