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You're not hardcore until you take down two Pursuers with your bare fists

Double Pursuer

Just when you think you're hardcore by defeating the Ancient Dragon your first time, or perhaps stumbling into the Throne Room in Drangleic in New Game+ only to find two Pursuers waiting for you and vanquishing them with just a sliver of your life left and all your Estus Flasks are gone, there is a guy who does all of this without getting hit a single time. Oh, and he doesn't use any weapons.

Meet JoeFenix, easily one of the most hardcore Dark Souls II players I've ever seen. In his videos, he shows off his superiority by beating tough bosses on NG++++++ (that's the equivalent of beating the game six times, though you can circumvent this by using Bonfire Ascetics) and not using any weapons. On top of that, he's using the Vanquisher's Seal, which also indicates he's part of the Champion's Covenant. That's impressive in its own right since being a part of that covenant makes the game harder. Yeah, he's hardcore.

Check out the video below where he takes on two Pursuers with no weapons.

Impressive, most impressive.

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