You'll be able to marry bosses in Rune Factory 4

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Have you ever had to beat someone up just so that he or she would go out with you? No? Good! Because that would be all kinds of f*cked up. In video games, though, that stuff doesn't matter!

As revealed on Famitsu, certain boss characters in Rune Factory 4 for the 3DS will go from beast to human once you've kicked their asses. In their new human form, these characters can be all romanced up, becoming potential targets for your character's affection.

Romance has always played a big part in the Rune Factory series, and that trend will continue in the upcoming game. This time, however, things are going to get really frisky, because you'll eventually get to see your mate in pajamas! Sexy!

Oh, and when I say pajamas, I don't mean lingerie. Think of it more as those old school sleeping garments from olden days. You know, the ones that looked like freakin' dresses.


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