You have 2 days to sign up for Evolve’s PC alpha

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Developer Turtle Rock is currently taking sign-ups for the closed PC alpha of their cooperative shooter Evolve.

Turtle Rock community manager Jess Damerst dropped the news herself via Twitter, along with the password (happyhunting) necessary to sign up for the alpha. All prospective participants must have a Windows PC capable of running the game, a working Steam account and live in Canada or the United States. Upon signing up, you will be surveyed about your gaming experience and knowledge, as well as your PC specs.

Turtle Rock and publisher 2K expect to finalize the participant list by July 5, so those interested in getting an early look at the game will want to sign up as soon as possible.  

Evolve will release for PS4, PC and Xbox One October 21. To learn more about the game, check out our multiplayer Preview

[via Polygon]

Austin Wood
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