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You can redeem your Club Nintendo Coins for Mario Party 2, Metroid 2


Some new offerings have been added to the Club Nintendo rewards list. If you've got Coins to spare, you may want to consider spending a few on either of the two retro titles currently available. Hell, you may even want to snag both!

The first is Mario Party 2 which originally launched on the Nintendo 64 back in 2000. The game features some great mini-games and costume-themed board maps. Your characters totally dress up! Seriously, this is easily one of the best entries in the series following the original. If you haven't already played it, I'd suggest you redeem your 150 Coins for this one.

Also available is Metroid 2: The Return of Samus. This 1991 Game Boy original will run you 150 of your precious Club Nintendo Coins, as well. It may not exactly look great, but this adventure is still certainly worthwhile.

[Club Nintendo]

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