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The marketing campaign for the rebooted Spider-Man movie series, The Amazing Spider-Man, is in full effect.  A few weeks ago, a little site called popped up.  All it had were six static videos playing where you could barely make something out — each with a city name under it.

Now, two of those videos have images in it.  Seattle and Atlanta have images showing of the viral marketing team putting up decals of the Spider-Man symbol around the cities.

Mark of the Spider-Man

Underneath the city names are Twitter accounts for each of the operations in each city.  The Twitter accounts for the cities give out instructions on where to go in each city.  Each of the locations has a man standing there that you speak the "code word" to.  Then, he gives you a package and you become an "operative."  I assume the operatives are the people in the photos now being shown.

You can read the story of one of the operatives here.

I have to admit, I was hoping that these videos were going to show something different — like awesome clips not shown in the trailers, or plot mysteries.  I mean, I get it — it's a viral campaign; this is what they do.  Just, deep down inside, I was hoping for something more.  Regardless, the manner in which they are going about it is really cool, and I wish they were doing it in Miami, too.  Atlanta is a 10 hour drive for me.  Maybe I'll just do it on my own. 

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