You can now play the original Spelunky on your browser

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Spelunky is easily one of the most brilliant and fiendish titles to come along in the history of freeware PC games. I sunk countless hours into the game, and a bit of my sanity was lost. But it was something that I was proud of, because with every bit of sanity that slipped away, I got just a tiny bit further into the game.

Folks have had the opportunity to enjoy Spelunky's unique brand of roguelike cruelty on Xbox Live Arcade for some time, and as our review by GameZone's Robert Workman indicates, going through hell just to play Spelunky is totally worth it.

Now the game has been made available in one more format. If you're too lazy to download the freeware PC version of Spelunky and too cheap to support the Xbox Live Arcade version, then the brand new browser edition is for you! This is an exact port of the original freeware version of Spelunky. Well, not an exact port. It's missing the sound and awesome music, collision detection is a bit spotty at times, and there are some other minor bugs.

But hey, you get what you pay for, right? It's still Spelunky, which is to say it's pretty cool.

[Tiny Subversions via Joystiq]

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