You can be the very best, like no one ever was with the Pokédex app for iOS

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Officially licensed Nintendo apps on an iOS device was a pretty taboo idea. That didn't stop from other developers to either copy cat popular Nintendo franchises or simply release games that were unofficial clones.

Nintendo is changing all that today with the release of their Pokédex app. Anyone with an iPhone, iPod, iPad or iPad Mini will be able to download this app directly from the app store for a mere $1.99.

The app will help you with all kinds of info such as how to evolve a Pokémon, locations for specific Pokémon and even strengths and weaknesses of each Pokémon. Each Pokémon will let you see it's battle animation, sound effect, and even size comparison next to a Pikachu.

You'll be able to get info on the Unova region Pokémon, however, to get access to the rest, you'll need to purchase each region's Pokédex for an additional $5.99, which will run you $24 if you want the entire roster of Pokémon

You can snag the app right here.

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