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Yoshida: Sony 'considering every possibility regarding PS4's gameplay capture'

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Proving that Sony really does care about gamers President of Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida has responded to the rumors that PlayStation 4 may not allow uploading gameplay footage to YouTube.

"We'd like to keep gamers happy and are considering every possibility regarding PS4's gameplay capture," Yoshida said on Twitter. "We'll update you as soon as ready."

So while it certainly sounds as if such rumors may be true, it looks like Sony is looking for some sort of workaround. For those wondering why HDMI won't work, the PS4 has built-in HDCP copy protection to prevent people from pirating Blu-Ray. Unfortunately, it looks like it will block games as well.

It's worth noting that the PS4 does have built-in capturing functionality through it's "Share" button, but that will only allow uploading to PSN, Facebook, Twitter, and Twitch. Interestingly, a few months ago on Jimmy Fallon, PS4 lead architect Mark Cerny mentioned YouTube as one of the video platforms.

Is the PS4's alleged inability to capture footage and upload to YouTube a deal breaker for you?

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