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Yoshi’s New Island eggs you on with transformations


Yoshi's New Island is coming with a bunch of new series to the franchise on the 3DS. First of all, you won’t have a time limit in levels – take your time and be careful throughout the level. If you get hit by an enemy, Baby Mario gets knocked off and Yoshi must attend to him before the time limit reaches zero.

The two new egg features include Mega Egg Dozers and Metal Egg Dozers. These eggs appear after Yoshi eats a larger foe. Metal eggs occur once more metallic foes are devoured. Yoshi can also transform and use tools throughout the levels. Transformations include jack hammers and submarines.

Yoshi's New Island

There is even a new wing power up that only appears if you’re doing well in the level. This allow Yoshi to sprout wings “fly like shooting star.” Yoshi’s New Island will be available March 14th.  

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