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Yes, there's a game called Divekick. It's coming to PS3 and Vita, and it's exactly how it sounds


What began as a joke is now coming to the PS3 and PlayStation Vita. Divekick, a game where the characters are "Dive and Kick" and the buttons are Dive and Kick, has just been confirmed on the PlayStation Blog.

"As we developed the prototype, it became clear that this game was a great tool to clearly explain how deep a single move can really be, and that the high-stress, high-tension gameplay was keeping our test groups hooked," explained Divekick creator Adam Heart.

"The game is purely about outsmarting someone and enforcing your will upon them. This skill is core to the fighting genre, but because we’ve peeled away the execution and memorization barriers that bog down other fighting titles, a huge number of players in the office have become very skilled and very threatening."


As the name suggests, there are just two buttons: Dive (into the air) makes you jump straight, while the Kick button makes you fly foot-first at a downward angle. Pressing kick on the ground will allow you to jump away from your opponent. The first hit wins the round, and the player that wins five rounds first wins the game.

There is a Kick meter since "every fighting game needs a meter". This bar fills as you attack and once you top it off, you'll enter "Kick Factor," making you much faster. Getting hit in this mode will render you concussed; for the next round you'll move slower.

Simple enough?

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