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Yell at the Whisen AC unit to change the temperature


Getting up off the couch is hard.  Am I right people?  No one should have to do that ever.  You know when you’re watching your shows or playing your video games and just too comfortable despite the fact that you’re either too cold or hot to get up?   Wouldn’t it be nice if that was just another way? 

The new LG Whisen air conditioner allows you to never touch the thermostat again.  Through voice commands, you can raise and lower the temperature.  It is said to function from voice spoken 17 feet away.  If your further or don’t have voice, there is also an app for smartphones that can control this bad boy.  The unit itself is massive and looks a bit like an Xbox to me in shape. 

The Whisen is also an energy saving device, boasting a powerful 72% rate.


[Gizmodo via LG]

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