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Yay! Donkey Kong(ish) is in Retro City Rampage!


Retro City Rampage, where art thou?! If you're anything like me, then any tiny bit of news surrounding developer VBlank Entertainment's upcoming NES throwback is enough to get you even more stoked for the game.

See that feature image I used for this news post? The one off to the side. Well, do you see that sweet 8-bit monkey? That, my friends, is the Android Primate Electric XT-2000 Roadster, or A.P.E. for short. This clear reference to Donkey Kong is an actual vehicle that you'll be able to ride in Retro City Rampage. Yay for insanity!

Still no word on when the game will launch exactly, but it's coming! For now, why not check out my preview of Retro City Rampage from E3 2012? While you're at it, check out my second hands-on with the game (because one time is never enough).

Retro City Rampage is due out on Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network (for PlayStation 3 and Vita), WiiWare, and PC.


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