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Xseed not localizing Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky Mobile


Earlier this week we reported that The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky would be making its way to mobile devices. Though no specific platforms were confirmed, the likely candidates are the iOS and Android markets. Also, while the news surfaced in Japan, publisher Aeria Games did make its intentions of having the game come to North America very clear.

Xseed Games was responsible for localizing the PSP version of the game, but it seems that won't be the case as far as the mobile iteration is concerned. In a statement to Siliconera, Aeria clarified that it would carry out the localization of Trails in the Sky independently. Though this definitely seems like a major undertaking, the company previously released a remake of Sorcerian, proving that it can hold its own as far as publishing games goes.

In addition to Sorcerian, Aeria also localized the MMO Shin Megami Tensei: Imagine here in North America. Yeah, I think the company will be fine publishing Trails in the Sky on its own over on our side of the globe.

Still no word on when the game will launch for mobile devices over here, though. Here's hoping Aeria reveals that information sooner rather than later. There are certain to be plenty of RPG enthusiasts who just want to play the game on their smartphones. Come on, Aeria, give us the info we want!

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