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Xseed enters mobile space with Ark of the Ages

Ark of the Ancients

Xseed Games published its first mobile title today. Ark of the Ages signals the company's expansion into the popular Google Play and App Store markets.

The release came earlier than expected. The game, which Xseed kept relatively low-key, was thought to come to iOS and Android this summer. A Google Play version arrived today for $1.99, and an iOS version will launch in the coming weeks.

Japanese company Meteorise developed Ark of the Ages, an action-role-playing game with "3D console-style graphics" and "an immersive battle system," according to a press release.

Players control a knight of the Royal Order who must prove his worth in the ancient Tower of Magic near Emilie village. Exploring dungeons (24 of them) involves avoiding traps like swinging blades and pitfalls and defeating enemies such as skeletal knights and goblins. Players use onscreen dual-analog touch inputs to navigate these areas.

Battles switch the camera from a third-person to a first-person perspective, and players swipe the screen to attack or carefully time the use of the shield to block. This system sounds reminiscent of Chair Entertainment's successful Infinity Blade series.

“We are thrilled to be releasing our first mobile title in Ark of the Ages,” said Shinichi Suzuki, the president and chief executive officer of Xseed Games. “Mobile games represent a new segment for Xseed Games and are something we are very excited to pursue in 2013. With so many great devices on the market, mobile gaming is becoming more and more appealing to hardcore and casual gamers alike, and we are looking forward to bringing fun and innovative new titles to our fans.” 

Ark of the Ages employs the Gree community platform to connect players to friends online.

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