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XGirl was supposed to be an Xbox game about touching girls


Romance sims are a big thing in Japan. Actually, let me rephrase that. Pervy romance sims are a big thing in Japan. People eat those things up, and they really dig being able to fake date digital females. It's ridiculously hilarious, really.

It turns out there was a game called XGirl planned for the original Xbox. Angel Studios, or Rockstar San Diego now, was planning the game. Get this, though: It was a (pervy) romance sim.

Basically, you had to press buttons on the Xbox controller to make a female character react. Different buttons resulted in different responses from the digital gal, which is about what one would expect from a girlfriend sim.

I think this game should have been released in Japan. Who knows, maybe it would have helped the Xbox become more popular over there. It also would have contributed to the large number of weird games released in the land of the rising sun.


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