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Xenoblade Localized for NA? Last Story Next?!


In case you haven't heard, the Wii gets all kinds of crazy games in Japan, and we don't get any of them. Three of those titles are The Last Story, Xenoblade, and Pandora's Tower. Rumors have been circulating regarding the North American localization of these three titles, and Xenoblade just might get developed for our part of the world.

Operation Rainfall, the group attempting to convince Nintendo to bring these RPG titles to North America, has been hard at work. If what the group is claiming on its blog is true, then their efforts might have just paid off. According to Operation Rainfall, an anonymous source within Nintendo has confirmed that Xenoblade has been localized for North America.

"American localization of Xenoblade is complete, The Last Story is currently being translated to English for an American release, and there is no word on Pandora's Tower localization," announced Operation Rainfall. "The information was disclosed to Operation Rainfall today from a source within Nintendo who wishes to remain anonymous. There is currently no indication of when Nintendo of America plans to formally announce these titles."

So if what the group is saying holds any truth, then we'll likely see Xenoblade pop up here in the west sometime in the future. Additionally, it appears that The Last Story is the next title to be localized, though whether Nintendo goes through with it or not will remain to be seen for quite some time. But now we must ask whether Pandora's Tower will ever see the light of day in North America? If so, Nintendo better hurry it up because we want to play these games before the launch of the Wii U!

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