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Xenoblade Localized for Europe, NA Localization Possible


Two epic RPGs that have had fans talking for quite some time are The Last Story and Xenoblade. We're still awaiting news regarding a release outside of Japan for the former, but Xenoblade has just been confirmed for European launch. Though it is still unknown when exactly the game will hit European Wii consoles, its UK site mentions that it will release in Europe sometime soon. Additionally, the game's title will be changed to Xenoblade Chronicles.

News of the European launch is certainly promising, especially since all signs point to Xenoblade releasing in North America, as well. Still no word on that yet, but we can expect developer Monolith Soft to reveal more details within the coming months. I sincerely hope this game does get released outside of Japan, as it is one of the few Japanese games for the Wii that would fare quite well in North America.

Though Nintendo of America has Xenoblade listed on their website, we've yet to receive any official confirmation, press release, or even a release date. Come on, Nintendo. Release Xenoblade outside of Japan. While you're at it, why not send The Last Story our way, too?

Speaking of The Last Story, no further mention has been made regarding that game and a localization outside the land of the rising sun. Now that Xenoblade may be making its rounds to Europe and hopefully North America, that may yet change. Here's hoping.

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