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Xenoblade in North America Set in Stone ... Maybe


Nintendo, I love you, but you need to make up your mind! Seriously. This is getting ridiculous. Just release the games we want in North America already, will you?

According to Destructoid, Nintendo customer support confirmed that Xenoblade would be arriving in North America sometime in the future. The game will be titled Monado: Beginning of the World. Not the most American of names, but it has a nice ring to it.

Of course, apparently Nintendo is also denying Xenoblade's arrival to North America. So which one is it? Are we getting this awesome RPG or not?

The customer service rep also confirmed The Last Story for Europe, which means we may see it arrive on this side of the world. Then again, Nintendo may end up denying that, too. Let's hope the Big N clarifies some of the statements made regarding these titles in the near future.

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