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Xenoblade Coming Out Early ... In Europe


We know that Xenoblade from developer Monolith Soft is scheduled to launch in Europe, and we're annoyed because Nintendo has yet to announce the game for North America. It turns out that the game, which will launch in Europe as Xenoblade Chronicles, will hit that part of the world earlier than originally planned.

The game was set to launch in Europe on September 2, but it has been pushed up to August 19, as confirmed by the Big N. That means the lucky gamers in Europe will be able to play Xenoblade Chronicles two weeks early while North American gamers, well, continue to wait. What gives, Nintendo?

Gamers living in Europe will have access to the regular release and a special edition bundle, which comes packed with three posters and a red Classic Controller Pro. An awesome RPG and sweet swag? I won't blame you if you move to Europe this instant and place your preorder for Xenoblade Chronicles.

At least there's still hope for North America, though. Recently, Operation Rainfall revealed that Nintendo had confirmed localization for Xenoblade Chronicles. If these reports are true, then we might just get this beautifully atmospheric adventure on our side of the globe. Here's hoping it comes with the awesome preorder goodies mentioned above.

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