Xenoblade Chronicles dev to release a 3DS game

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A recent job listing for an upcoming 3DS title was recently posted by Monolith Soft. Now, my Japanese isn't very good. OK, I don't actually know Japanese. In any case, Andriasang reports that the recruitment page lists openings for designers in each of the following categories: effects, motion, 3D CG, character modeling, and map modeling.

Details on the project are currently unknown, but it's still fun to think about. What could the folks over at Monolith have planned for the 3DS? A new RPG for Nintendo's dual screen handheld? A completely different type of game? Here's hoping we get the details sooner rather than later.

Monolith previously announced that it had an unknown Wii U project planned, and with this latest reveal, it looks like the developer will be busy with the Big N's platforms for a while. Whatever it may be, if it's good, we want it over here in North America. Got that, Nintendo? Don't make us wait this time.

Xenoblade Chronicles, Monolith's most recent and most desired game, is scheduled to launch for the Wii in North America. The game's April 6 release date was just revealed courtesy of a Nintendo Direct video presentation. Monolith, keep the games comin'!

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