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Xenoblade Chronicles Boss Guide | How to beat Mechon M71

"Better late than never" is an idiom that definitely applies to the arrival of Xenoblade Chronicles in North America. Though Nintendo seemed hesitant to support their fading console with the Wii U on the horizon, American gamers demanded that this RPG classic made its way stateside, and thankfully their voices were heard. Xenoblade Chronicles is assuredly a game that will be talked about for years to come, the game's gorgeous visuals and expansive open-ended gameplay ending this year's long streak of disapointing JRPGs, delivering far more than either Final Fantasy XIII-2 or Tales of Graces F. 

How to beat Mechon M71 (Boss Guide)

To defeat the Mechon M71 start by using Shulk and casting Monado Enchant on the party. Take out the tentacles, then move on to the main guy himself. Using break and topple arts you should be able to knock it over and inflict some serious damage.

After about half of its HP is gone follow it to the top level. If it attempts to use any white Talent Arts use Monado Shield to protect the team. If it goes to use a red Physical Art, cast Monado Speed to dodge it. Keep wailing away and you should finish this battle, no problem!

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