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XBOXIE site compiles web games playable on your Xbox One


With the dawn of web browsers on our home consoles, it was only natural for people to try and play various flash games on it. After all, you already have the perfect input right in your hands. A Reddit user going by the name CitadelSaint, started his own site, XBOXIE, compiling HTML5 games as he finds them, that are playable on the Xbox One's IE browser.

It's a rather genius idea, considering something very similar was done when the Wii came out, and allowed people to control various flash games with their Wii Remote cursor.

This is the official descriptions from CitadelSaint:

Hi Guys n Gals, after learning that we can play HTML5 games via Internet Explorer on the Xbox I decided to make a website with games that work with the controller.

So what is XBOXIE

The name XBOXIE is (Xbox + IE) but pronounced “Xboxy”.

As most of HTML 5 games are designed with Keyboard in mind it means there is very little with controller support. After googling for hours to find working games I decided to put together a site with every game I've test and I know that works.

Over the next week I will be adding hundreds of games to the site (But I've been programming all today so I've decided to give myself a break)

The website is a very user friendly for the Xbox browser so you can easily jump in and out of free games from your console.

I've also added in what the controls are for each game.

What else is coming to the site

Next week I will add the ability for you to be able to rate games, so once I've got a fair few in the database, the good ones will float to the top.

And what else

Most developers don't think about console in mine when making web based HTML games, so over the next month I will be contacting as many Indie Devs as I can to ask them to add in controller support to allow us to be able to play it on the console (plus I think it be a cool selling point for devs to say "You can play this on Xbox one")

You can help

If you have found a good HTML5 game and tried it yourself so you know it works on the Xbox then you can submit it to the site, and once I've checked it, I will add it to the database.

Last of all

I know there isn't a huge amount of great games on there YET, but its early days... but with your support I should be able to grow this site.

With the current drought of new games, sometimes drastic times call for drastic measures. If you have an Xbox One, go boot up IE and check out XBOXIE and get some old school gaming in. Look, there's Pac-Man!

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