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Xbox To Launch NXE, the New Xbox Experience With T-Pain, Tenacious D, All American Rejects, Kerli, and Hinder

November 17, 2008

Xbox To Launch NXE, the New Xbox Experience With T-Pain, Tenacious D, All American Rejects, Kerli, and Hinder

Be Expressive, Be Social, Be Entertained

NXE (New Xbox Experience) connects you effortlessly to friends, family and the world's largest online entertainment center, allowing you to play games, watch movies, and share moments on the couch or around the world. To help kick-off NXE, Estonian breakout pop-star Kerli, hip-hop superstar T-Pain, rockers All American Rejects and Hinder, as well as Jack Black's brainchild, Tenacious D will participate in the fully interactive Game With Fame sessions. Game With Fame connects artists with fans through their favorite games and allows each artist to play fans directly

Allowing optimum expressivity, NXE boasts customized avatars, virtual party hosting, as well as remote capabilities. Promoting shared entertainment experiences NXE features Party Video and LIVE Party/Photo applications, allowing users to directly video chat, instant message and send photos. As a one-stop shop for all entertainment needs, NXE puts a plethora of interactive entertainment options at your fingertips! Users can utilize NXE Overview Video, which highlights a broad variety of available gaming options, view over 10,000 feature films via Netflix, as well as view all of the above options through the only gaming console to provide HD and standard-definition resolution.

Find out more about NXE here:

Dates and session info is as follows:

Kerli - November 20th in Los Angeles city from 2PM-4PM PST playing new Bond 007 game (Quantum of Solace).

Tenacious D - November 20th from 5:30PM to 7:30PM on-site @ Tonight Show in Los Angeles playing Rock Band 2 game. GAMERTAG: TenaciousD GWF (space between TenaciousD and GWF)

Hinder - November 24th playing Guitar Hero World Tour from 3PM-5PM (Central Time) in Starkville, MS. GAMERTAG: Hinder GWF (**space between Hinder & GWF)

All American Rejects - November 24th in NYC from 6 to 8pm (EST) playing Frogger and Rock Band 2. GAMERTAG: AAR GWF (space between AAR and GWF)

T-Pain - November 28th in Chicago, time TBD playing Rock Band 2. GAMERTAG: T Pain GWF (**space between T and Pain and GWF)

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