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Xbox Live's Director of Enforcement Has Xbox Live Account, Website Hacked


Stephen Toulouse, otherwise known as "Stepto," is Microsoft's director of policy and enforcement for Xbox Live. They say that with great power comes great responsibility, but in Stepto's case, that power comes with gigantic targets planted on his back.

It comes as no surprise that both his personal website and Xbox Live account have been usurped in the wake of someone's removal from Xbox Live. The person who committed the act did so out of pure rebuttal--he had been banned 35 times by Toulouse. As we've previously seen with Major Nelson and Trixie, the user made a video confirming he had the account in his possession.

The domain had been taken down by Network Solutions, but Toulouse is now back in full control. He couldn't do anything about it for a while, tweeting that Network Solutions wouldn't let him recover the account and that it took some convincing to get them to "agree" that it had been compromised.

I'm no hacker, nor in favor of stealing accounts, but surely the last thing on someone's mind after stealing an account of a major Microsoft employee would be to publicly announce that you had done it. Though the attacker will be caught regardless, one would think keeping things on a personal level would be slightly more satisfying and would lower the possibility of getting utterly slain by the gaming community.

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