Xbox 360 to Get Fallout: New Vegas DLC This Holiday Season

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On the day before Fallout: New Vegas' official launch, Bethesda has announced that Xbox 360 owners can expect something a little extra in their stocking this holiday season -- some New Vegas DLC.

“We’re excited to continue the partnership between Bethesda and Microsoft, and build on the success of the game add-ons released for Fallout 3 on Xbox LIVE,” said Pete Hines, VP of Marketing and PR of Bethesda Softworks. “Fans will once again be able to continue their experience in the Fallout universe with the add-on packs planned for after the launch of the game.”

This isn't the first time Fallout DLC has been released "exclusively" on the 360. Fans were able to get first dibs on Fallout 3 add-on content on the console as well. Although no announcement has been made about the PS3 and PC versions of the downloadable content, odds are it will find its way to those platforms...eventually.

Stefanie Fogel
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