Xbox Surface could be Microsoft's new tablet

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Microsoft's "major announcement" today could be the Xbox Surface. Set to hold a media event today in Los Angeles, Microsoft was expected to unveil a new Windows 8 tablet, though a recently leaked document spreading around the Internet has led to many reports that the company will unveil a new Xbox-branded tablet.

If the documents are indeed real, the new 7-inch multi-touch LED tablet will be named the Xbox Surface and support "up to 4 wireless game controllers" which, if true, could present a new twist to mobile gaming and a blow to typical living room consoles. Up until now, consoles have been threatened by mobile gaming on devices like the iPhone, iPad, and other various mobile devices, but none of them have offered legit controller support. Because of that, games on mobile devices have been limited to few buttons creating an overall more simplistic gaming experience. With the arrival of the Xbox Surface, that could all change - provided I can also hook it up to my television for some big screen action.

Microsoft's mysterious press event is set to take place today at 3:30 p.m. Pacific Time (6:30 p.m. EDT).  In the meantime, check out the alleged Xbox Surface tech specs below:

Xbox Surface

[Slash Gear]

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