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Xbox One X reportedly to be in short supply at launch in UK

It will *probably* work out in the end.

Pre-orders for the Xbox One X went live towards the end of last month and while some analysts believe the beefed-up Xbox console won't sell well, UK retailers are already reporting that the initial shipment of Xbox One X consoles will not meet consumer demand.

According to four retailers who spoke with MCV, retailers are reporting that they will only be stocked with less Xbox One X consoles than they had for the Xbox One's initial release. Both small and major retailers are reporting a limited stock of Xbox One X consoles, but one major retailer says that there are "no worries."

The unnamed major retailer said, "all console launches have tight stock followed by replen[ishment]. This will be the same again, no worries. We have been there and done it before. Pre-order or miss out is the mantra. Most consumers know this."

Harvey Eagle, Xbox UK and Ireland Category Director, offered an explanation for the supply:

“We are seeing very high demand for Xbox One X. We are doing our best to keep up with that demand but unfortunately it is the case that, as with any new console launch, there is always a limited amount of stock available at launch."

"We are doing everything we can to address retailers’ short-term requirements for launch, as well as working very hard to keep supply flowing in the weeks immediately following launch." He added for consumers: "Please check delivery dates with your retailer when pre-ordering Xbox One X so you are clear when the product will be available.”

Perhaps Microsoft took a page out of Nintendo's book?

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