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Xbox One won't allow you to play your Xbox 360 games, bummer


One of the things I was really looking forward to, or at least, hoping for, was the ability to play my current, and big mind you, Xbox 360 collection on the Xbox One. It's not outrageous of me to hope for that sort of thing. After all, why would I have to keep two Xbox consoles next to each other, just to be able to play games from a previous generation.

Turns out, my hopes and dreams were shattered. Microsoft Xbox Live VP Marc Whitten has stated that there won't be backwards-compatibility on the Xbox One, due to the different core architecture. But that isn't all. Appparently all XBLA games won't work either, and Microsoft isn't planning on rectifying that.

It's a sad day to hear something like this, but it isn't really all that surprising. Sony's PlayStation 4 won't have backwards-compatibility either, for pretty much the same exact reasons the Xbox One won't. The fact that Sony is promising PS3 games to be available later through the Cloud is comforting to some, but it just means those games will have to be rebought.

The main thing is here that Microsoft doesn't plan on stopping with the Xbox 360, which might be a big reason why the lack of back-compat won't ever be resolved.

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