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Xbox One's mistaken Watch Dogs PS4 footage the result of 'a mix up at Ubisoft'

Xbox One Watch Dogs using PS4 footage

Major Nelson has responded to yesterday's debacle in which Microsoft posted gameplay footage of Watch Dogs captured from the PS4 version on the Xbox YouTube channel.

"Looks like there was a mix up at Ubisoft when they provided this video," he said on Reddit. "I am told that they are on the case will provide more news on Watch_Dogs at a later date."

Okay, I'll buy that, but my follow-up question is why no one at Microsoft bothered to check the video before uploading it? Obviously, it's not the end of the world for Microsoft or the Xbox One, but for a company already under the microscope for its poor PR handling of the next-gen system, you'd think they'd be a bit more cautious.

On a plus note, Microsoft finally released a live action demo of the Xbox One user interface and system functionality. Check out the 12 minute video walkthrough that hopefully puts many of the negative rumors and speculation to rest.

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