Xbox One or PS4? Take our poll and earn a chance to win a free next-gen console

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The next generation of gaming is nearly upon us. In just about a month, the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will be unleashed, ushering in a new generation of graphics, gameplay, and experiences -- and we want to know which one (or both) you plan on buying, or at least looking most forward to.

As part of GameZone's highly anticipated site redesign, we are taking a poll to see which next-gen console gamers prefer. Not only will this provide us with a better idea of content best serves our audience, but it also gives you a chance to win a next-gen console for for free.

That's right, by simply taking the survey and entering your email, you'll be entered automatically for a chance to win either an Xbox One or PlayStation 4. The survey runs until October 31 and the winner will be notified on November 1. Once notified, the winner will be given the proper information on how to claim the prize.

I know not everyone is ready to make the ultimate decision, especially without getting decent hands-on time with the systems, but I think enough information has been shared to give you an overall impression about each console. So head over to our poll and let us know which system you prefer in the Battle of the Consoles.

PS4 vs Xbox One

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