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Xbox One is breaking pre-order records at Blockbuster

Xbox One Blockbuster

For all the criticism the Xbox One received last week for "abandoning" gamers, there sure are a lot of people buying into Microsoft's vision of an "all-in-one" entertainment hub. And I mean literally buying into it.

Video game retailer/rental service Blockbuster has revealed that the Xbox One has broken all previous pre-order records held with the company. Maybe the backlash following Microsoft's shady stance on pre-owned games won't have as much of an impact on sales as we all originally thought. 

“We are delighted by the huge number of pre orders that we have received so far for the new Microsoft console,” Blockbuster head James Morton told MCV. Specific numbers were not revealed, and I don't believe the retailer has begun taking pre-orders for the PS4.

“With Sony releasing the PS4 in the near future, the next few months are going to be an exciting time for our staff and customers at Blockbuster and we can’t wait to hear more details from both Sony and Microsoft at the E3 Expo next month.” 

It'll certainly be interesting to see how consumers react to the upcoming tradeshow next month. Microsoft is expected to focus hard on games for the Xbox One, while Sony is finally expected to show off the actual PlayStation 4 system and hopefully give us a look at even more games for the new system.

We've weighed in on who we think won the first round between the Xbox One and PS4. Now all eyes are on Microsoft's and Sony's E3 press conferences.

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