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Xbox One CoachGlass will make your Madden NFL 25 defensive playcalling easier

Madden NFL 25 CoachGlass

Microsoft and Electronic Arts today detailed Madden NFL 25's CoachGlass, a new Xbox One SmartGlass feature that looks to provide you with the same tools available to NFL head coaches on gameday.

"CoachGlass makes Madden NFL 25 a more immersive football experience by providing the user with real-time authentic information. This is the same information that NFL Coaches and Coordinators use to understand their opponent and adjust their gameplan," EA designer Brad Lippman explained.

CoachGlass will provide a breakdown of the opposite team's offensive play call after the play is over. "Both online and offline gamers will know what plays are being run by opponents, and this helps teach users what plays they should try themselves, as well as preventing opponents from relying on just a handful of plays in order to succeed," he said.

In its current form, it seems CoachGlass is more beneficial for playing defense which is somewhat odd given the NFL's increased  emphasis on offensive gameplay and scoring lots of points. Lippman wouldn't say if CoachGlass will help with offensive play calling as well, but did say EA is "looking for ways to evolve CoachGlass and add more data and new functionality."

"However, fans can currently see which defensive plays are being called against them, providing some level of insight into what sorts of defensive schemes and plays the opposition is employing," he added.

While CoachGlass is a fancy spin-off for SmartGlass, it remains to be seen if this type of functionality will be offered through Sony's PlayStation App which will launch alongside the PS4.

[Xbox Wire]

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