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Xbox One and Killer Instinct make a cameo on Grey's Anatomy

Xbox One on Grey's Anatomy

Not entirely sure who Microsoft was trying to cater to with this, but during last night's episode of Grey's Anatomy, the Xbox One and Killer Instinct make a short appearance. Although I realize that by writing this newspiece, I have successfully outed myself as a Grey's Anatomy fan. Guilty.

It happens very early on in the episode, where it shows a sick kid (with like 16 tumors inside his body) playing the new Killer Instinct on the Xbox One. It's literally about 4 seconds of screen time but hey, this dying kid's got an Xbox One! Maybe it was one of those Make a Wish Foundation deals.

In any case, check out the clip below:

"Dude you're Jago, counter him with a Wind Kick, it'll take him down." Oh Karev and your wise video game knowledge.

Given it's relatively short on-screen time, a casual user couldn't possibly know that it was the Xbox One being shown, versus the 360. Hell, I'd go as far to say that many Grey's Anatomy viewers probably wouldn't even know it's an Xbox.

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