"Xbox Off" turned into office prank at Insomniac

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One of the more amusing reveals from the very first Xbox One was seeing Yusuf Mehdi saying "Xbox Go Home" for the first time. All drunk jokes aside, it was definitely one of the more humorous voice commands we've seen implemented.

To take it further, you can also turn your Xbox One off completely with the command, "Xbox Off" which actually hasn't been all that beneficial to Insomniac Studios. Turns out, there seem to be pranksters at Insomniac that like to call out "Xbox Off" over their PA system, and looks like it's been messing with Sr Engine Programmer, Andreas Fredriksson. He tweeted this.

If pranks like this happen in a professional studio, I can't even imagine the amount of times something like this will happen in a household full of siblings.

I guess you can always just disconnect the Kinect. Yeah, that'll work.

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