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Xbox, Mountain Dew, and Doritos are hosting an Xbox One X console giveaway

Mountain Dew and Doritos, the taste of gaming and diabeetus


The Xbox One X is nearing its November 7th release and now the basically official drink and snack brand of gaming, Mountain Dew and Doritos, are teaming up with Xbox for a massive Xbox One X giveaway.

Like many times before, Mountain Dew and Doritos are teaming up with Xbox for a promotion campaign but this one might actually be worth keeping an eye on, especially if those are your go-to brands anyway. The promotion campaign will be called "Every 60 Seconds", which will be an online auction campaign that will allow participants to get an Xbox One X every 60 seconds once the campaign goes live. 

Here is how the campaign will work:

  • Collect: Anyone who purchases specially marked Mountain Dew and Doritos products can collect codes necessary to bid

  • Hoard Codes: Starting September 25, participants can enter codes at to start banking points. Starting October 23, each code gives you one entry into a sweepstakes to try to win an Xbox One X

  • Bidding War: From November 8 to December 15, participants can use banked points to bid for a chance to win an Xbox One X and other prizes. Auctions begin at 6 a.m. PT each morning and close nightly between 6:01 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. PT.

Thousands of Xbox One X's will be auctioned during this campaign and the codes will, according to Xbox, be found on "on favorite Doritos snacks and Mountain Dew products". Those who want to participate should look for products featuring upcoming Xbox One games such as Middle-earth: Shadow of War or Forza Motorsport 7.

So in short, collect codes, register your codes on the website linked above and then use your code points to bid on Xbox One X consoles every 60 seconds between November 8 and December 15. They did not specify what parts of the world were eligible the auctions, so you just have to keep an eye out for changes on the Doritos and Mountain Dew design. 

Finally, according to Xbox, this gaming power trio will offer more chances to win Xbox One X consoles later this year, seems like quite a few lucky souls will be getting free Xbox consoles this year.

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