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Xbox LIVE's Countdown to 2013 Daily Deal 4 has Rockstar Games on sale

xbox live daily deal 4

The Xbox LIVE Countdown to 2013 Daily Deals continues today. We're on day four, which sees four of Rockstar's popular games on sale, discounted by 33%. For today only, the following games will be available for direct download from Games on Demand on Xbox LIVE: LA NoireRed Dead RedemptionMax Payne 3, and Midnight Club: LA. I've only played about half of LA Noire and I've beaten Red Dead Redemption, so I can only comment on those two; while these games are good, the deals are quite lackluster.

You can get LA Noire for $19.99 new ($17.99 pre-owned) from stores, and for only $7 more, The Complete Edition which includes all of the DLC. The same goes for Red Dead Redemption -- the original price on Xbox LIVE was $10 more than the game in stores. Max Payne 3 is $20 more than you can get it for at GameStop, and you can get the Midnight Club: LA Complete Edition for that price new. So where are the deals?

You can see the full line-up of the Daily Deals HERE. Tomorrow's is TBA, so maybe it'll be something amazing and unexpected!

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