Xbox LIVE presidential debate statistics revealed, Romney victor

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Back in August, Microsoft revealed plans to launch a presidential election hub where Xbox LIVE users could participate in daily polls, view debates, and even win XBLA gear. Thursday night’s presidential election marked one of the hub’s first major events, and according to Microsoft, it was a success. “Participation was strong and amazingly consistent throughout the entirety of the debate,” said a Microsoft spokesperson. Over 10,000 LIVE users took part in the in-election polls, which included questions like, “Do you plan on talking to your friends and family about your position on the election?”

More importantly, though, was news that Romney “won” Thursday’s debate according to LIVE users:

“Romney was indeed a winner of last night’s debate with the Xbox Live audience, despite what some of the raw, real-time numbers might have shown. We asked 10 questions during the debate to gauge who won exchanges or segments, and we found that ‘undecideds’ broke for Romney while Obama consistently lost support from his base.”

Other important dates scheduled for the Xbox LIVE presidential hub is the vice presidential debate on October 11, the foreign-focused presidential debate on October 16, and the final presidential debate on October 22th. The last debate will also feature a concert event featuring Neon Trees and DJ Skee before and after the debate.

Source: [IGN]

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