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Xbox Live hacking is out of control


Xbox Live hack victim Susan Taylor recently spoke out about her issue with Microsoft and its online gaming service. Speaking to Destructoid, Taylor stated that she was contacted by many other hack victims. According to her, Microsoft's claims that individuals' accounts are hacked due to phishing scams seem to be false.

"I personally have Uplay and Raptr accounts linked to my Xbox account," said Taylor. "Unless people are outright lying to me, there is definitely not a specific service (aside from XBL itself) that absolutely everyone who has had accounts compromised has in common. Microsoft's arguments are looking very weak at best."

If Microsoft really is making up the whole phishing thing, then shame on that company. I got a lot of crap on my last post about this incident for stating that Microsoft's behavior was totally douchy. And while I still feel that way, I also feel the need to urge anyone with an Xbox Live account to clear any bank account info to avoid getting attacked by a hacker. Yes, that includes my lovely detractors.

Ultimately, Microsoft being a total d*ck is one thing, but gamers can protect themselves to avoid any BS from hackers. If you have a credit card saved to your Xbox Live account, remove it. It would be a total shame for more people to have their info compromised and have a bunch of money stolen from them.

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