Xbox Live demo: Rise of Nightmares now available

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Kinect had a succesful 2011, in terms of sales, but struggled to produce quality games. One of last year's most anticipated motion-controlled titles, Rise of Nightmares, proved to be a step in the right direction for hardcore fans, though it didn't score well with most publications. Nonetheless, if you have been itching to try out this eerie title, you'll be happy to know that a demo has now hit the Xbox Live Marketplace. Details and a download link can be seen below: 

Rise of Nightmares 

Price: Free

Download Size: 334.26 MB

Description: "Can you fight through hordes of the undead? Can you tear them apart with chainsaws, axes and your bare fists? Can you rescue your wife from the clutches of an evil madman and escape his nightmarish plans for you both? In this exclusive demo, survive one hellish night as you fight against terrifying enemies using the hands-free controls of Microsoft Kinect."

To download the Rise of Nightmares demo to your Xbox 360, click here.

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