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Xbox LIVE Countdown to 2013 Daily Deal 3 sees sales for Rayman Origins, Trine 2 and Fez


Another day, another sale. Today is the day that Xbox LIVE's Countdown to 2013 Daily Deals kicks into gear for me. For today, December 20, 2012, some great platformers are 50% to 67% off. One of those games are Rayman Origins, which I owned on the Vita, but seeing as how I sold my Vita to get a 3DS XL, I can't play it anymore. Now is the perfect time for me to own Rayman Origins again. I've also never played Fez -- please don't stone me -- so I'll be picking that up too. Sonic Adventure 2? Sure, why not! Needless to say, my Christmas began today. Here's the games on sale today:

Xbox LIVE Countdown to 2013 daily deal 3 - platformers

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