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Xbox Head Phil Spencer calls out console fanboys, excited for Uncharted 4

Gamers play games, not game platforms.

Xbox Head Phil Spencer Calls Out Console Fanboys, Excited for Uncharted 4

Microsoft has openly stated that they are "not motivated by beating Sony, but instead "motivated by gaining as many customers as we can." Whether or not that meant outselling the PlayStation 4 or simply gaining more Xbox LIVE users or expanding to PC via Windows 10, Microsoft simply does not see themselves as running against Sony.

Heck, Microsoft has openly supported both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, saying that gamers can have the "best of both worlds."

Xbox Head Phil Spencer has driven the point home in his latest interaction with an Xbox fan. When asked what game Spencer was most excited for, another fan goaded Spencer for his response. Bottom line, Phil Spencer wants to play Uncharted 4, Gears of War 4, The Division and Quantum Break.

His inclusion of the PlayStation 4's Uncharted 4 took the fan from the "nice guy" mentality, into the fanboy rager. 

Telling Spencer to wave the flag to a PlayStation 4 defeat is silly, especially since he included one PlayStation exclusive in his list.

Spencer is no stranger to having silly conversations with fans -- especially since his last argument.

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