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Xbox Dashboard is in public beta, will let you browse Internet Explorer on your HDTV...eventually


While Microsoft's E3 press conference showed off things like the flashy new Halo 4, the silent assassin in Splinter Cell: Black List, or that new thingy where you can control your Xbox with your iPad, Microsoft also showed off some new features coming to the Xbox Dashboard in its next big update.

From a far more responsive search, that will search for various items even in separate apps, to the much awaited (maybe?) web browser that will allow you to Google Bing anything that your heart desires.

If you can't wait until the update officially comes out, you can now apply to become a tester through Microsoft's open beta program. Of course you will be under NDA so you won't be able to tell the world how awesome it is to Google Bing yourself on your big screen TV.

If you're interested in being among the chosen to try this out, you can do so here.

Once (if) you're selected, you might not want to rush and try installing Internet Explorer on your 360, as this statement was given:

"We are currently investigating an issue that is preventing the Pre-Release Console Registration app from successfully running. As soon as this is resolved we'll post console registration instructions."

Go forth chosen ones!

Or you know, just be patient and wait until it's officially released.

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