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Xbox 720 paranoia leads to increased security at Redmond campus


We haven't had an Xbox 720 leak in quite a while, but that isn't stopping Microsoft from boosting security at its Redmond campus, which currently houses its Xbox development team.

Geekwire claims Microsoft is "boosting security to an unprecedented level" in attempt to keep a wrap on its next gen plans. Microsoft allegedly told its employees that new physical security measures will be implemented, "limiting employee access at four key Xbox and Interactive Entertainment Business buildings."

Up until now, the company has operated an open access policy across its Redmond campus, allowing employees to visit any building. The new policy enables only employees and vendors in Microsoft's Interactive Entertainment Business or assigned to the buildings to access Microsoft Studios A, B, C, and D, starting "early next month". All others will need to go through an online registration process or register at the buildings as visitors, and be escorted by another employee with access to the buildings.

The report does note that Microsoft didn't reference any specific product plans for the Xbox 720, or whatever they are calling the new console. However, the increased security does follow the recent leaking of a 56-page document in June, which seemingly oultined Microsoft's next-gen console plan.

Although Microsoft did claim ownership of the document, the company has been tight lipped about its next-gen console which is rumored to release sometime in late 2013, or early 2014 at the latest. The ramping up of security could indicate that preliminary systems are starting to arrive for internal use and testing. Regardless of the exact reasoning, Microsoft is clearly trying to prevent further leaks from happening.

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