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Xbox 720 development kit photos leaked


Images of the Xbox Durango, better known as Xbox 720, development kit have appeared online giving fans their first look at what developers are using to make games for Microsoft's next-generation Xbox. The placeholder dashboard contains the name Durango, which has long been rumored as the codename for Microsoft's next Xbox.

The photos first appeared on developer forum AssemblerGamers where a user named DaE attempted to sell the kit for $10,000.

The photos were initially met with skepticism, but a new report from Digital Foundry claims that "multiple developers working on next-gen projects" have confirmed the legitimacy of the images and the hardware being used to develop games for Microsoft's next-generation console.

The dev kit is described as an "anonymous-looking black box" that is said to have "much in common" with modern standard gaming PCs. The two applications on the dashboard which is fairly similar to the current Xbox 360 test kit features the applications "D3D11Game1" and "NuiView"; the latter is a tool for rendering camera views and data from the Kinect.

The hardware of the development kit is said to feature an Intel processor and NVIDIA graphics card. DaE reckons the kit features more than 8GB of memory and has a 64-bit operating system. The final Xbox 720 hardware will allegedly feature an octo-core CPU. DaE also provided a screenshot of Microsoft's VIsual Studio coding tool being used for Durango.

Obviously the specs haven't been verified, but last we heard, the next Xbox would be six times more powerful than the current-gen consoles and feature an AMD 6000 series GPU. We've heard a ton of rumors surrounding the next-gen Xbox ranging from an anti-used game tech to a leaked Xbox 720 document.

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