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Xbox 360 Users Greeted With Bugs From Skyrim Patch 1.2


Early this morning Bethesda began rolling out The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim patch 1.2, or 2.01 as it's called for some.  While fixing the texture issues for the Xbox 360 when the game is insalled to the hard drive, it appears patch 1.2 is hurting more than helping.  At least that's the feeling you get when looking at the flurry of complaints on the official Skyrim forums.

Yesterday, we reported PlayStation 3 users were experiencing a magic resistance glitch as a result of the 1.2 update.  As it turns out, the glitch isn't exclusive to the PlayStation 3.  Some users have reported that the Xbox 360 patch is also breaking the resistance in the game.

Forum user skyrim_barbarian has warned everyone with a blatant post, "DONT INSTALL .2 PATCH, IT BREAKS THE GAME!"  In the thread he warns that it "breaks all the resistsances in the game!!!"

Other users immediately agreed.  "Yea same deal here resistances are broken...also seems to be an issue with monster aggro range when I fast travel outside at own I can't wait, sleep, fast travel."

While the character resistances are still listed as active, the game logic for applying them in combat is supposedly broken.

Youtube user, Lancum, provided some visual evidence of the update 1.2 broken magic resistance glitch (on the PlayStation 3) which can be seen below.

But broken resistance isn't the only thing plaguing Xbox 360 users after the latest patch.  There is an entire thread dedicated to all of the Xbox 360 glitches caused by the 1.2 patch.

"After downloading the patch, I went straight to a word wall to fight a dragon, it didn't disintegrate/give its soul. Reloaded, went to a different wall; the dragon was flying backwards/wouldn't land/got stuck in a mountain."

Some users are even refusing to download the new patch in light of the player warnings.  Despite the bugs that have already been known, or arisen from the recent patch, Bethesda's goal of fixing texture issues on the Xbox 360 appear to have been solved.  This was obviously a patch designed to fix certain technical aspects of the game, but now Bethesda should focus on the quests/gameplay bugs that are plaguing users on all platforms.

The PC 1.2 update is scheduled to release this afternoon, so be sure to check back for updates on that.

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